Local village is demolishing six abandoned homes

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR)-- A home is a place we set up our roots and start a family like Derrick Quinlin.

"I moved down here for job opportunities," explained Quinlin. "And so I could raise my family in a nice area."

But in Machesney Park, it's not just families rooting in, some properties are being taken back by nature.

"Many of them are the product of the sub prime mortgage issue that happened over ten years ago," explained James Richter II, Community Development Director, Village of Machesney Park.

Now Machesney Park is working on getting rid of these condemned properties, something Quinlin is glad to see.

"It's not helping out any of these home owners property value or perspective buyers ideas of the neighborhood," said Quinlin.

Six abandoned homes are being demolished thanks to a grant from the State's Abandon Property Program. Richter says the grant is a win-win for Machesney Park. First, extra city taxes aren't added on for the demolition.

Secondly, "It helps to preserve property values by demolishing some of these structures that have been vacant or abandoned," explained Richter.

Which homes to demolish were selected through criteria established by the Illinois Housing Development Authority. Quinlin says while he's glad to see the blight go, it's still sad to see something that holds so many memories be knocked down.

"I feel bad for the guy that owned that and he was never able to recover," explained Quinlin. "But, I think it's time maybe that we see something better comes of it."

The village believes they should have all six structure down and the foundation filled in by the end of September.

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