Keith student raises awareness of the Holocaust in senior project

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- Madilyn Reid is a senior at Keith Country Day school who focused her senior project on the Holocaust. She says her Jewish identity and her grandmother being a Holocaust survivor inspired her project,

Reid says that while many of her classmates lacked knowledge about the Holocaust, many also wanted to learn about it. For this reason, Reid brought in Holocaust survivor, George Mueller, to speak.

Mueller spoke to the students at Keith detailing his survival story.

"When I talk to students very, very, very seldom does the teacher have to say 'hey pay attention.' They seem very attentive and many of the teachers tell me, that I'm doing such a good job but I think it's not the good job, I think it's the subject matter," says Mueller.

Reid hopes her project sheds a light on the subject matter and impacts the choices of her fellow classmates.

"It was a big event in American history and European history and although it's hard, it's something we need to talk about to learn to never let it happen again because all over the world, even today it's still happening. Mass genocides and racism are still happening," says Reid.

Reid has started a GoFundMe campaign and has already raised more than $1,000 to donate to the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Illinois.