Local pizza shops biggest winner on Super Bowl Sunday

Published: Feb. 3, 2019 at 10:02 PM CST
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"Thank you for choosing anna's is this for pickup or delivery."

The phone rings at Anna's Pizza in Winnebago on Super Bowl Sunday unlike any other day of the year. That makes it the most important day of the year for Anna's owner Brian Weavel.

"This is my sales. This is where I make money." Weavel says only the day before Thanksgiving comes close to Super Bowl Sunday when it comes to rolling in the dough.

"It's usually about a 50 percent increase from a typical Sunday," says Weavel. "I'm hoping for a 60 percent increase this year.."

Super Bowl 53 is Super Bowl 23 for Anna's and Weavel notices some trends when it comes to orders; which tend to be much larger, "A lot of party size orders. The one sitting back their right now has 3 extra large pizzas, another has four extra large pizzas"

And much simpler when it comes to toppings. "You usually have a lot of people coming over for parties," said Weavel. "So therefore if you have 25 people, not everyone is going to like vegetarian pizza. So what you do is cheese or cheese and pepperoni or cheese and sausage."

Another trend: bigger tips for delivery drivers.

"If it's a close game the tips seem to be bigger," said Weavel. "If it's a local team obviously it's much bigger. When it's the Bears it's usually huge tips. But we haven't had that luxury lately."

Weavel says the biggest advice for those already making pizza plans for Super Bowl 54 is to plan ahead and call early especially for larger order or requests.