Local mother credits daughter for saving her life

ROSCOE, Ill. (WIFR) -- One family had some extra blessings to count this Thanksgiving.

It's a story Valerie Wilson and her family will be telling over and over again: How 4-year-old Audrianna Wilson saved her mother's life.

Valerie Wilson has type 1 diabetes. She says shes learned to deal with it for 21 years. However, what she would experience this Thanksgiving was something she wasn't prepared for.

"I fell asleep to take a nap, and she, I guess she realized that mommy wasn't waking up," says Valerie Wilson.

Since she was asleep, Valerie didn't hear the monitor go off, telling her that her levels were dangerously low.

"While I was sleeping, my blood sugar must've spiked up from breakfast, so I must have taken insulin and not realized that I did," says Valerie.

Audrianna could tell something was wrong. She says she is used to seeing her mom's behavior change when her blood sugar is low.

"She couldn't get up, and she couldn't talk and open her eyes," says Audrianna.

"So she called my grandma which she calls mee-maw, and said that mommy was not right," says Valerie.

Once the family arrived, Audrianna let them in the apartment, and when Valerie's levels continued to be low, paramedics were able to come and help.

Audrianna's family believes she's nothing short of a hero.