Local health experts explain marijuana use vs. abuse

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Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:18 PM CST
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Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois, and some local health experts explain the key differences between marijuana use versus abuse.

Some warnings signs include irritability, sleeping or eating issues or isolation from friends or family.

Mercyhealth Employee Assistant Program employee Dan DeSloover said increased use could be tied to its social perception.

"The social acceptance has increased and marijuana just like with alcohol is often used in social settings and that's probably another reason for its increased use," said Desloover.

Health experts describe abuse as taking the substance and not considering the consequences while addiction is not being able to function without the drug.

Drug and Alcohol Therapist Amanda Messinger shared some tips when confronting someone who potentially could be abusing marijuana.

"For family or friends that are concerned with a person and their marijuana use always just I always say gentle concern or confrontation I think is a very good approach," said Messinger.