Local groups meet to discuss equality for women

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- "I came here to learn more about women's equality," said Dady.

13-year-old Meredith Dady was just one of almost 100 women who came together today to discuss inequality between men and women. The League of Women Voters teamed up with the American Association of University Women and other groups to host the event in hopes of raising awareness on state and national issues.

"Even though in the state of Illinois we may have an equal rights provision in our state constitution, nationally we do not," said Faye Marcus

Equal pay, voting rights, education, and healthcare are just some of the issues women have been battling. While some may seem to be part of American history, others are still unresolved.

"These issues, we think that they're gone, they're not gone. Some of those issues are still here," added Marcus.

Dady, who's now a seventh grader, remembers learning about some of these issues in her history class.

"I think it was unfair how it said, like, only men could vote," said Dady.

Women's voting rights was a controversial issue decades ago but Marcus says one of the main problems women deal with in the modern world is financial issues, and the effect spills on to men.

Marcus continued to say, "If their wife is making less than she should, that affects him and affects his family. So it not just affects women, a lot of it affects the whole family."

Some of the women I got to talk to were too emotional to appear on camera, but they all seem to agree. While there are many issues, there's only one goal, and that's equality.

Dady says, "I want to grow up and be able to be paid the same amount as men."