Local experts recommend warming cars

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Warming up our cars while we’re still in them is something experts say we should do before driving them in the cold weather.

Depending on the age of your car, the time it needs can vary.

Pre-warming your car ensures the vehicle will operate like it’s supposed to. Newer cars take around ten to fifteen minutes to warm and older cars can take 15 to 20. Of course, that time can expand depending on how far back your car dates, though you won’t see huge time differences until you move backwards half a century.

“Fuel injection has been around a long time so, into the 80’s, even the 60’s. They’ve had fuel injection, but not to the technology of today,” says Anderson Dodge Assistant Service Manager Mike Stahl.

Stahl says it really is important to get it to an operating temperature before driving off.

If a car isn’t pre-warmed, many cars can still drive without a warm-up, but the problem is all those fluids are cold and move slower through the engine, so driving before it’s at temperature, fluids like oil aren’t doing their job.

Police stress not leaving your car unattended if you are warming it up, so as not to become a target for thieves.