Local election comes to an odd decision maker

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- It's definitely unusual to see an election come to a coin flip or card draw to decide the winner, though it's the second time this is happening in our state. The first being to break the tie in Marion Illinois for Village President, this time it's in our own city to decided the victor of the school board member for sub district A. The district started at with no one filing to run, then just before the February write-in deadline seven candidates appeared. Alderman Linda McNeely says it was initially reported by the City Board of Elections that Brandi Brown won. But McNeely was informed by Ms. Brown those result are incorrect. McNeely says brown tied with Anthony Dixon and tomorrow at four in the Winnebago County Building the winner will be decided by either be a coin toss or drawing from a deck of cards with the high card winning.

"Which I think is crazy," explained McNeely. "After you go through the election you spend your time and effort, you get your family and friends to participate, only for all your effort to go to a coin toss or the highest card in a card deck."

McNeely says in her years in Rockford politics she has never seen anything come to this. McNeely says if you want to support your candidate you can show up at the county building but they won't be taking public comment.

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