Local doctor values exercise for the body and mind

Published: Mar. 28, 2020 at 7:30 PM CDT
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COVID-19 is changing the way people live, keeping them in causing cabin fever, but exercise is a safe way to stay sane.

"I'm always telling patients, if exercise came in pill form, there is not a single person in this world that would not be taking that pill," Dr. Tiffanie Ferry said.

Dr. Ferry is a family medicine doctor at Creekside Medical Clinic, and prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, three days a week she sheds her scrubs for a pair of tennis shoes.

"The best thing about my workouts is I have a group of girls that there's about nine of us that have been running together," Dr. Ferry said.

That group of girls has been running together early in the morning for almost ten years. Dr. Ferry says setting the routine was the hardest challenge, but the benefits are worth it.

"I think it helps not only the overall health but the mental decisions that we have to make with work and family and with our children plus the guidance they all give," member of the group Christine Jarret.

The ladies are taking a break from running in a group due to the Coronavirus, but they are staying in touch and in shape, so they can get back on track when it is safe.

"My running friends are amazing, it is as much about the mental health benefits as it is about the physical benefits. If someone is having a rough day we definitely notice they are leading the pack and running a little faster," Dr. Ferry said.