Local company uses social media to promote safety in our schools

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- Carrie Halle, V.P. of Marketing at Rockford Systems, is working hard to keep students safe in machine shops in our schools.

"The goal of the campaign is to raise enough awareness and funds to safeguard the RPS 205 Rockford Area High schools," explained Halle.

Rockford Systems has been a part of the community for over 45 years.

"We just want to make sure that we are giving back to the community," explained Halle. "By keeping the youngest generation of machine operators as safe as possible."

Halle says Rockford Systems stepped in promoting safety in R.P.S. shop classes after a few students got hurt.

"We understand that there have been a couple hand injuries at the high school level which is really what prompted us to take a look at this," explained Halle.

Enter the selfie for safety campaign. For every selfie tagged with the #SelfieForSafety Rockford Systems will set aside money to educate and safeguard machines for our students use.

"While they're operating the machines in the high school even if they never touch another machine," explained Roger Harrison, Director of Training at Rockford Systems. "It's important they wear personal protective equipment number one."

The company hoping to help where tight school budgets may not be able to.

"If it's not up to O.S.H.A. and A.N.S.I. standards," said Halle. "We're willing to go ahead and make the investment to make it safe."

The campaign has already started trending across the nation.

"We've had a tremendous response from the kids at Jefferson High School," explained Halle. "And we've had responses actually from all over the country."

Halle says any of us can participate, not just students, whether you spend time around these metal working machines at school, work, or at home. To participate take a selfie near a metal working machine and #SelfieForSafety. The hash tag works on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn , and Facebook. The campaign will run for three years, the amount of time Rockford Systems estimates it will take for them to go into local schools and evaluate what safety equipment students still need.

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