Local businesses get a little bit sweeter

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ROCKTON, Ill. (WIFR) --- Starting your own business is tough, and it requires putting everything you are into it, but it doesn't take a sugar rush to get through it, just a strong business plan and understanding of what your clients want.

Sugar Britches is a small old fashioned candy store started by a woman who grew tired of seeing businesses come and go in a community she loved. So she decided enough was enough and to start her own business. To do so she had to create a business plan not only to guide herself but one for the lender, Rockford Bank and Trust. The lender needs to know that she has a plan that will keep her afloat so they don't end up with a business belly up in their hands. While Sugar Britches is breaking even the owner, Jodi May, says the struggle of getting her name out there is real.

"When people come into our store, the thing me and the other employees ask is have you been here before," explained May. "We're still at about 80 percent who have not been here, who did not know we were here."

May says Sugar Britches has done commercials and social media outreach. What she finds is making your name known is a common problem for most small businesses. May believes it's important for anyone who dreams of owning their own business to go out and make it happen. Rockford Bank and Trust says it's small businesses that keep our communities alive an vibrant.

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