Local Israelis & people of Jewish faith react to Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Some people aren't sure President Trump's declaration was the best move for the U.S. A few local Israelis and people of the Jewish faith say they don't agree with the president's decision.

President Trump also decided to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something local Israelis and members of the Jewish faith don't agree with.

"It doesn't feel like a smart move. It feels like something that will stir things up there,” said Rabbi at Temple Beth El, Binah Wing.

Binah Wing is the Rabbi at Rockford’s Jewish Temple Beth El. She says Jerusalem is divided and made up of several different faiths that believe either west or east Jerusalem is their capital.

"If you look at Jerusalem as whole, and then you say the whole thing is the capital of Israel, then it makes negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s fraught with difficulty,” said Rabbi Wing.

President Trump said this declaration is overdue to advance the peace process, but Rabbi Wing thinks this may only delay the peace.

"I think the US will now be viewed as not a good power broker for making a peace deal,” said Rabbi Wing.

'I think it might be a great beginning of something new,” said Roni Golan, who was born in Israel.

Roni Golan moved to the U.S. from Israel more than 20 years ago. He believes some already believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and Trump's declaration won't mean too much.

"This is absolutely a right decision,” said Golan.

Golan thinks the decision could spark violence, but he thinks the benefits of potential peace could outweigh the cost.

"Whatever the end result is, is that it doesn't destroy the hopes for a peaceful resolution,” said Rabbi Wing.

Both Golan and Rabbi Wing say they are hoping for a positive outcome after Trump's declaration. They hope little violence comes of it since many people in our area travel to Jerusalem to visit family and friends.