Local Dough Cafe announces closure

ROCKTON, Ill. (WIFR) -- A downtown Rockton business is closing its doors for good. However, there are some different opinions on the reasons why.

Popular for their coffee, sandwiches, and baked goods, the Local Dough Cafe has decided to put those years behind them. Village leaders say this comes as no surprise.

Village leaders say the business had limited hours all summer because of construction. Leaders say IDOT's route 75 project has lead to a tough year for all the businesses along this route.

However, they believe the improved roads and sidewalks will hopefully help the businesses make up for any losses caused by the construction.

Some people living in Rockton say they wanted to support Local Dough Dafe, but they say their hours were difficult to keep up with.

"It always is a benefit to receive a little bit of additional sales tax because of a thriving business, but you know, it's a bigger deal to have thriving businesses just for the culture and the atmosphere. It just provides an energy to downtown," says Rockton Village Planning and Development Administrator, Tricia Diduch.

The owners of Local Dough Cafe say the business required too much of their time. They say they were having a hard time balancing raising their two children and keeping the business open. They decided the consequences outweighed the benefits.

Local Dough Cafe is now for sale. Village leaders say they hope to quickly find someone to fill the space.