DeKalb writer response to social media trolls with selfies

DEKALB, Ill. (WIFR) - A local journalist with disabilities receives national attention after responding to negative comments about her appearance.

"It's really disappointing that people instead of attacking what I write they attack how I look," said Melissa Blake, freelance writer, and blogger.

Blake was born with Freeman- Sheldon Syndrome.

"It's basically a really rare genetic bone and muscular disorder. so I've had 26 surgeries," Blake said.

In August, Blake wrote an opinion piece for CNN criticizing President Donald Trump and a photo of Blake was included. Mark Dice then responded on his youtube channel.

"Some say Trump should be banned from twitter and I wholeheartedly agree, says this alleged journalist," said Dice.

But some commenters missed the message. They couldn't see past Blake's photo.

"There were thousands of comments about my appearance and one of them was that I should be banned from posting a picture of myself because I was too ugly," Blake said.

Even after Blake responded, putting many of those comments in a tweet, the messages didn't stop. She decided to embrace the reaction with three selfies on twitter.

"The response I've gotten from my viral tweet it overshadows all of that and it's been so heartwarming and it really reaffirms my faith in humanity," Blake said.

Blake hopes other women can see through the negativity.

"That has always bothered me that women can not be strong and decisive and speak their minds. So that was really important for me," Blake said.

Blake also received many messages of support from several literary agencies who reached out to her. Now Blake is considering writing a book.