Local Hospital helps transport residents home

A local hospital is the reason dozens of Rockford residents are spending thanksgiving with their families. Lucille Kielsey is one of many who have a hard time making it home for thanksgiving. At 97 years old, she needs her wheelchair to get around.

And that makes it nearly impossible for her family to see her anywhere other than in Alden Debes where she lives..
Fortunately for Lucille and her family, OSF Hospital in Rockford is using paramedics to transport patients home for a few hours this holiday. The service is called home for the holidays.

"If this wasn't offered we may just try to bring dessert out there and sit with my mom or try to get her in the car, but I think it would be close to impossible. If your mom's not here, she's the matriarch of the family, so that's just a piece that's missing, so it's never quite the same," says Lucille's daughter, Jo Ann Murphy, who looks forward to seeing her mother only the 1 or 2 times a year when she visits the area.
Jo ann says it was getting to where it was nearly impossible for her family to transport her, and thanks to this service, they're hoping for many more holidays together at home.