UPDATED LIST: Roads closed, sandbag locations after flooding

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- With flooding anticipated for several areas in the Stateline, city and county leaders are asking drivers to avoid several areas.


Stephenson County:

- Brush Creek between Route 26 and Bellview Road
- Cockrell Road South of Cedarville Road
- Maize Road East of Farwell Bridge Road
- Beaver Road between Scheider Road and Red Oak Road
- Richland Road between Red Oak Road and Scheider Road
- Irish Grove Road between Brick School Road and Winneshiek Road
- Goeke Road between Cedarville Road and Brick School Road
- Maize Road between Kinney Road and Goeke Road
- Brick School Road between Bouray Road and Farwell Bridge Road
- Kinney Road between Brick School Road and Winneshiek Road
- Van Buren Road off of Route 26
- Lancaster Road
- Winneshiek Road between Cockrell Road and Harlem Center Road
- Cockrell Road from Cedarville Road to Scioto Mills Road
- Iris Hill Road from Winneshiek Road to Cedarville Road
- North Fawver Road at East Fawver Road
- Baker Road at Kerlin Road
- River Road from Farwell Bridge Road to Kinney Road
- River Road from Rock City to Shockey Road
- Route 75 coming into Freeport onto Stephenson Street
- Bridge St (Winslow Rd) and Route 73 in downtown Winslow have water over both roadways and is closed
- Cherry Hill Road West of the Village of Ridott
- Old Mill Road from McConnell to St James Road
- Stateline Road East of N/E Winslow Road
- Stubbe Road east of Route 73 to mile south of Nora Rd
- McConnell Road from Flansburg Road to Orangeville Road
- Cedarville Road from Scioto Mills Road to Flansburg Road

Re-opened roads:

- Bolen Road between Route 20 and Ridott Road
- Becker School Road between Bolton Road and Hamm Road
- Bower Road between Sabin Church Road and Loran Road
- Mill Grove Road Sabin Church Road and Loran Road
- Loran Road between Mill Grove Road and Route 73
- Schuman Road between Loran Road and Block Road

City of Freeport:

- Hancock Road
- Henderson Road
- Stephenson Street, east of Honeywell

Winnebago County:

- Harrison Road , IL 75 to Hartlien Road near Harrison in Winnebago County
- Tower Road, IL 75 to Tower Road near Freeport in Stephenson County. (Detour set up over US-20 W to IL-26 S)
-Winslow Road, IL 73 at Bridge Street in Winslow in Stephenson County.

City of Roscoe:

- Roscoe Road between 251 and Chicory Ridge Way

Rockford Park District:

- Auburn Street underpass
- Rock River Rec Path from YMCA parking lot to Rockmen
-Seascout building to the playground


- Former Machesney Park Mall southwest lot: 8702 N. 2nd St., Machesney Park, Ill.
- Krape Park maintenance building, 1799 Park Blvd., Freeport, Ill.
- New Milford Fire Station: 2177 Will James Rd., New Milford, Ill.
- Old fire station at 1819 South West Ave / IL 26 in Freeport.
- Roscoe Public Works: 5402 Swanson Road, Roscoe, Ill.
- St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church at 607 East Stephenson St.

Check back for future updates to this list.