Lifescape looking for volunteers to help with Meals on Wheels

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - The demand for prepared meals during the COVID- 19 shutdown is driving a desperate need for volunteers at one local organization.

"I've never been more impressed with the staff and the people and the volunteers that come into Lifescape," said Mike Hughes, Lifescape executive director.

At the start of the coronavirus crisis, Lifescape eased the requirements for recipients of meals on wheels.

"You only need to be 60 years of age and that's it," said Zach Satterlee, Lifescape marketing director.

by loosening the rules Lifescape can now provide nearly 150 more hot meals.

"It's been a little crazy but, it's been really gratifying seeing all the outpouring of support we've gotten. So, we are really proud to serve our clients today," Hughes said.

Hughes says the increased demand also means an increased need for volunteers.

"Anybody that wants to help and serve the community we will find them a place to serve," Hughes said.

Hughes says more volunteers allows the organization to check in more often with clients.

"If we don't check on them for the vast majority of our clients, nobody will. So if they are sick how do they get taken care of, how do they know they can get out," Hughes said.

Because Llifescape primarily works with senior citizens staff and volunteers must take extra steps to avoid spreading germs.

"We have all of our drivers wearing face mask all day, We are changing out gloves between every delivery, washing are hands constantly," Satterlee said.

If you're interested in volunteering apply online at