Liver transplant saves Poplar Grove woman

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POPLAR GROVE, Ill. (WIFR) -- "This is what they were afraid of... it was time to call my family to say goodbye," said Tina Creviston.

In 2017 Tina was placed on a transplant list because her liver was failing quickly. Tina's niece, Ashley, risked her life to help. She donated 67% of her liver to Tina. The surgery was successful, but unfortunately, Ashley's liver did not respond well to her body. Tina was back in the same spot waiting for a liver.

Sadly, on the same day.... 22- year-old Cameron Bolton got into a fatal car crash. Just a few month later, on July 3rd, Tina was told she could live. This is all thanks to Cameron’s liver. Cameron’s mother, Sarah says her son has helped more than a dozen people by being an organ donor. She travels to visit some of the recipients. Tina was one of them.

"She let me know that I was her healer and that I was healing to her. She let me know that I was chosen,” said Creviston.