Lena cheese factory launches new cheese line in honor of founder

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LENA, Ill. (WIFR) - A stateline cheese factory is taking it back to its roots with the latest product launch.

Back in 1983, Dorothy Demeter helped found the Kolb-Lena Cheese Factory. 35 years later, the company is honoring her work to keep the plant open with a new line of cheese in her name called Dorothy's Cheese.

Savencia Cheese USA, which owns the Lena factory, says it wanted to add some new flavor to the product line.

"They had some tough times recently and we wanted to rejuvenate this factory and bounce back in this market. And there is this artisanal trend," said Savencia Cheese USA CEO Dominique Huth.

On an average day, the 75 employees at the Kolb-Lena factory put out 400-500 tubs of cheese.