Last-minute tax tips to get you through tax day

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - If you haven't filed your taxes yet you might want to get on it because the deadline is right around the corner.

"People are more worried than they've ever been and I wish they knew that it's not bad," said Senior Tax Advisor at H&R Block.

Sanchez has been a tax advisor for more than 25 years and she wants people to know it's better to ask for help filing your taxes than to turn them in late.

“So a standard fee of late filing could be $50 to $250 just too late file," Sanchez said.

But, there are other options like filing for an extension. Local accountant Dayton Smith says that gives you till October to pay.

"To file an extension it's just a matter of name, address, social security number of all the taxpayers on the return an estimate of the income and expense or tax liability that you anticipate owing. If you can't pay it all it's still recommended to pay as much as possible," Smith said.

Although this year many people haven't needed an extension because of new tax laws reducing tax rates.

"If you make $100,000 and your tax liability dropped by 5,000 then really you're saving $5, 000,” Smith said.

Another law change allows people to receive their tax refund throughout the year in each check, instead of all at once. Which Sanchez says has been very beneficial for her clients.

"I’ve had a lot of people pay off a lot of bills and they go 'that's why I wanted it' you know because the IRS would hold it for a whole year because they gave it to them because of fear of year-end and it's worked out perfectly," Sanchez said.

The deadline to get taxes filed is April 15th and if you need help experts to encourage you to ask a local taxing company who can answer all your questions.