Korean War veteran hikes Rock River Trail

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A Korean War veteran proves the Rock River trail can be used for more than just walking and riding bikes.

Meet Lyle Lidholm, a Korean War veteran who proves the Rock River Trail can be used for many things including hiking. Lyle is an experienced hiker with more than 4,000 miles under his belt since he was 68 years old. He goes on to show the trail is often times underutilized when it comes to hiking.

"One of the things that I want to do is promote this trail no nobodys hiked it before if I finish a mile in Illinois I'd be the first one to hike 320 miles and I'd like to draw attention to fact it's not only a water and biking trail but you can hike it,” Lindholm said.
Through social media Kevin Versino from Rocktown adventures found out about Lyle’s mission and wanted to lend a hand in helping Lyle complete his mission.

"It's kind of interesting on how he's kind of doing this he grew up in Moline at the end of the trail and now he lives in central Wisconsin so he's kind of tracing his path of life back to where it all started and the Rock River Trail happens to be the connection in between those two points,” Kyle Versino said.

Rain or shine the weather proves nothing can stop Lyle from accomplishing his goal. Despite today's weather he geared up and hiked during today's rain and prepared for any detours he would have to encounter. Lyle says he hopes this isn't his last hike and he hopes his next one will lead him to Europe.