Klehm Arboretum teams up with Rockford hospital for free senior health screenings

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - As people get older health problems become an issue but local health care professionals say senior citizens may not know the resources available to stay healthy.

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The Klehm Arboretum worked with OSF Saint Anthony Hospital to provide free health screenings for senior citizens Tuesday. The screenings test for cholesterol, glucose levels, blood pressure and glaucoma.

Laurie Barker, Director of Health Care for Rockford Supportive Living says the screenings help detect possible health problems and helps match people with the care they need.

"So this is to help them do a preventative, for them to know what's available if a crisis does occur. They're not going to say I don't know where to turn for certain services that are available, they will actually have you know, the list of places that they can turn to," said Barker.