Kick off against bullying

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR)-- The campaign kicked off today where guests attending the event learned about the different types of bullying . The Rockford Ice Hogs are partnering with the anti- bullying awareness initiative. The Ice Hogs have taken the pledge to a buddy not a bully and are asking people to join the cause. The team will also visit elementary schools in the area.

“Bullying is a pretty big issue,” said Kyle Baun, Right Wing for the Rockford Ice Hogs. “We were looking at some stats and today and one in three kids suffer from bullying and 160 thousand kids miss school each day in the fear of being bullied. It's also a personal issue for both of us."

Flora Cousins a Rockford native founded the Million Buddies Plus Program. Her book Don’t Be a Bully Be a Buddy” illustrates both the problem and solutions with bullying.

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