Keys to curbing the cough include prevention, medication

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 5:56 PM CST
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Have you ever gotten over a cold but can't seem to kick that nasty cough that comes at the end? There are a few quick tips that can help you halt the hacking more quickly than you think.

Dr. Eric Trautmann is a family doctor with SwedishAmerican Health System and says a cold is caused by a virus, but most people treat the symptoms like it is bacterial.

He urges cold sufferers to choose medications specifically made for treating viruses. Only that will help stop the sickness in its tracks.

Trautmann also suggests you stay hydrated and use a humidifier to ease a sore throat or a bad cough.

"The best thing is rest and if you are sick with a fever try to stay away from other people," Trautmann said. "And so we say stay home with a fever, ideally not having a fever for 24 hours before you go back to work. Have coughs and secretions under control before you go back to work."

Doctors emphasize prevention is the key to staying healthy, but do not be afraid to call their offices to nip that bug in the bud.

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