Keeping the holidays safe, enjoyable for family members with Alzheimer's

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- With more than 220,000 people in Illinois living with Alzheimer's disease, caregivers will start to look ahead for safe and enjoyable holiday plans.

The Alzheimer's Association Illinois Chapter wants to make sure those with dementia enjoy a safe commute en route to their holiday celebrations.

AAI recommends these tips for traveling with a loved one battling Alzheimer's:
-Stick with the familiar routes
-Be prepared
-Pick the right time
-Avoid layovers (if flying)
-Ask for help
-Plan a safe return
-Find local support

AAI leaders say creating an itinerary can help out with several of these plans.

"The person with Alzheimers gets really overwhelmed and that causes behaviors you don't want that during this time of year."

Sklar also offers advice for family members of Alzheimer patients when they make the travels.

"Have one side of the family one day, one side of the family the next day," said Sklar. "They don't know that it's not Christmas two days in a row And that just makes it a whole lot easier."

Sklar says several holiday activities can help you include Alzheimer's patients. Wrapping presents and putting seasonal cards in envelopes can really help those suffering to feel a part of the holiday season.

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