Kansas woman finds headache relief in Rockford

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Celesta Aust says ever since she was a toddler she has been crippled by severe migraines, sometimes as many as five in a week.

Aust says after failed treatments with doctors and neurologists in her hometown of Overland Park, Kansas, she turned to social media to find a headache specialist like doctor Jeffrey Royce at SwedishAmerican.

Aust says since going for Botox treatments every ten weeks with Dr. Royce since 2014, she is going full weeks without having to take medication for her headaches.

"We were kind of at our wits end with the issue and so we really wanted to find a physician and once we came up here and we heard the options he had available for us and his ideas on treatment like we stuck with it," says Aust.

"As a chronic migraine sufferer, the only treatment that's really been scientifically proven is the Botox administration, and so that's where we got to was the Botox administration and that is successful in my estimation 80% of the time," says Dr. Royce.

Aust says because of the improvements she has seen with Dr. Royce, she and her husband have now decided to try to have a family.
Dr. Royce says of the 3.6 million chronic migraine sufferers only 4% actually receive a diagnosis and treatment for their pain.