K-9s lead authorities to Machesney Park car burglary suspects

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MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Village of Machesney Park has seen an influx in car burglaries lately, several happening last night.

The two suspects from those burglaries where tracked by two K-9's from the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office.

Two bloodhounds were able to pick up the suspect’s scents from stolen items that had been dropped.

After traveling approximately 1.5 miles, they lead police to two separate residences where they found their suspects.

Law enforcement says these hounds are a great resource when it comes to crimes of this nature.

"The one we ran this morning was several hours old, there had been numerous people walking all over it,” says Sgt. Nick Cunningham. “We presented the dogs with one particular odor and asked them to find that person. That is exactly what they did because that is what they are trained to do, you can't do that same thing with another kind of dog."

No names are being released because the investigation is ongoing.

Police are encouraging residents to be proactive about the issue.

"If you have to park in a street, if you have to park in a driveway - lock your cars. That is the number one deterrent for most of these individuals taking stuff out of cars. Simply lock your car,” says Deputy Chief Mike Shultz.