Janesville woman told to find estranged husband or face deportation

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WISC) - A domestic abuse survivor living in Janesville says she is faced with a choice, find her estranged husband and turn him in or face deportation.

Those are the options Maria Portugal said Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave her earlier this month. She says she hasn't seen the father of her children in over a year.

After 20 years in Wisconsin and three years of working to get a visa, Immigration and Customs Enforcement called her lawyer, without warning, threatening deportation and separation from her children.

On Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered by her side, to let her know she's not alone in this fight to stay in the state.

"She's a great mother and she didn't do anything wrong. She just wanted to have a free life and be happy," said Maria's son Mario Portugal.

"The thing that I wish the most is to stay here in Wisconsin," said Maria.