International organization provides relief to flooding victims in Freeport

FREEPORT, Ill (WIFR)--- In the span of five days, Team Rubicon, a veteran based disaster organization, is helping around six to eight families daily.

"That shows you somebody cares, somebody cares," says affected homeowner, Oradell Fricks.

Fricks raised his three daughters and lived in his home for 41 years, two months and 16 days and now he has to leave it all behind.

"You live in that place for that many years, and now all of a sudden it's gone. It's just like losing a family member," says Fricks.

The Pecatonica river flooding has taken a toll on Freeport residents leaving many families feeling stuck in a situation they don't see an end to.

With dozens of homes being deemed uninhabitable, Team Rubicon has come in with 30 volunteers from all over the country to help.

"Our goal is to get people back into their homes as soon as they can. So we look at a home and we're like do people have trouble getting in their home," says Rubicon incident commander, Jeff Wagg.

The team gets down and dirty. They say sometimes just clearing someone's front year gives these residents hope.

"So imagine that you're in your home and it's flooded. They’re literally nobody to call for help and that is a very empty, lonely feeling," says Wagg.

Some volunteers like Troy Bollinger who grew up in Freeport came back to help fellow neighbors.

"My mom still lives here so it makes me proud to make her proud. When you can help do something that, they're overwhelmed, it makes a difference," says Bollinger.

The Rubicon Team will be in Freeport till Tuesday. Residents affected by flooding can request assistance by calling (833) 556-2476.