In debt for pets: Americans spend billions a year on their animals

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - New studies show there's nothing Americans won't do for their furry family members.

"Dogs are living longer and it’s because the care is getting better I think," said Jane Femminella, Canine Crunchery owner.

Femminella runs the Canine Crunchery creating home-made healthy dog treats.

"Whether it's turmeric for inflammation or cranberry for urinary health we do a lot of research into the ingredients that we use," Femminella said.

The American Pet Products Association reports owners in the U.S. spent an estimated $75 billion last year and $30 billion was used for food.

"There are a lot more alternatives now and pets are like our kids now," Femminella said.

Aside from running the Canine Crunchery Femminella always find time to spoil her own pets.

"All I have to say is pamper time and they all come and pile on me. I brush them out, do their teeth do their nails and that's our morning routine," Femminella said.

They are family, they should be treated like family,” said Debbie Wille, The Barking Lot owner.

"I groom more pets than people who get their hair done. They put their pets before them, said Rachel Bloom Lancaster, groomer.

The survey shows nearly $6 billion a year spent on services like grooming which Wille and Lancaster agree it’s important for your pet’s health.

"Healthcare with the nails and their skincare it could cause medical problems some dogs develop sores if they are neglected from having too many mats on the skin," Lancaster said.

Many times the groomer will notice something out of the ordinary.

"Your owner might not find a bump and we will find a bump and we can tell the owner and they can seek medical advice from their vet," Lancaster said.

"Rockford is getting a lot more pet-friendly as far as patios with restaurants and outside events for the dog," Femminella said.

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