Improvements only temporary before Arctic cold round #2

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We are at the tail end of the first round of Arctic air here in the Stateline. High temperatures yesterday and today throughout the region were in the upper 20's to near 30. That's a good 20-22° below normal.

But a silver lining is part of the forecast and it's going to come just in time for the first half of the weekend. Saturday looks to improve on the conditions we've seen these last two days, as some Pacific air will move in.

With winds coming out of the west southwest, our temperatures will reach the upper 40's with a few spots flirting with 50° for highs Saturday. While this is still below normal, this is only by a few degrees. Saturday also will be filled with mainly sunny skies, although a few clouds can't be entirely ruled out.

Sunday for the most part also doesn't look too shabby, although the skies will be overcast throughout the day. Most of Sunday also looks dry with high temperatures getting into the mid-to-lower 40's. The cold front that will bring some snow to the region will arrive Sunday evening.

It will bring a bit of snow, some of which will accumulate. However as of now, we aren't looking at values more than an inch around the region. Most of this still will be on grassy surfaces but due to the recent cold and other snowfalls, our grounds will continue getting colder. Meaning the potential for sticking snow goes up with each additional round of snow.

This will linger into Veteran's Day on Monday, and following the cold front is round #2 of the Arctic cold. Temperatures both Monday and Tuesday will struggle to get out of the mid-to-lower 20's. Low temperatures will be well into the single digits and wind chills at times will feel at or slightly below zero. Records are likely to be either broken or being very close to broken for high temperatures on Veteran's Day and Tuesday.

The other silver lining is that after the snow late Sunday and early Monday, while it will be bone-chilling cold the forecast calls for a dry and sunny pattern those days.