Illinois gets an 'A' when it comes to social distancing, Winnebago Co. receives 'B'

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Congratulations are in order for the Land of Lincoln, as the state gets an 'A' when it comes to social distancing. This grade comes from location data and analytics firm Unacast. They use data that comes from Illinoisans phones.

Unacast released their "Social Distancing Scoreboard​" earlier this week. It shows how the country as a whole along with how each state ranks when it comes to social distancing.

The 'A' grade comes from a 40% change in average distance traveled in Illinois. The United States get a 'B' grade.

Other states that received an 'A' grade include Washington DC, Alaska, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Oregon and New Mexico received 'C' grades, Idaho and Montana received 'D' grades and Wyoming is at the bottom with an 'F' grade.

In the Stateline, both DeKalb and McHenry Counties received an 'A', each having a 43% and 48% decrease in travel respectively. Winnebago County received a 'B' for a 38% drop in distance traveled. Boone and Lee Counties both received a 'C' for a 29 and 33% drop in distance traveled.

In last, Ogle County received a 'D' for only a 17% decrease in distance traveled. Unacast uses anonymous device location data, map data and intelligence for clients in retail, tourism, real estate, transportation and marketing industries.