Illinois Tollway activates Zero Weather Road Patrols

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DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (WIFR) - The Illinois Tollway says it is now providing around-the-clock help to drivers who are stranded on the road.

The tollways' Zero Weather Road Patrols are activated when the temperature dips dangerously cold.

Anyone needing help on the road can call *999, the Illinois Tollway dispatch or Illinois State Police.

Throughout the state, 12 help trucks will be on the road to help drivers. Each crew can help restart car batteries, add fuel to gas tanks and fix overheated radiators.

The tollway says if you are stranded, stay in your vehicle and wait for Illinois State Police or a tollway H.E.L.P. truck.

To reach the Illinois State Police, call 630-241-6800 and use extension 5028.

The Illinois Tollway says when calling *999 have the following information:

-Location- name of roadway and direction of travel
-Closest milepost
-If you are reporting a crash, the number of vehicles involved
-Description of vehicles involved, type and color