IDOT closely monitoring accident-prone intersection

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POPLAR GROVE, Ill. (WIFR) -- Four people were hospitalized after a three-car accident at the intersection of Orth Road and Route 76 in Poplar Grove on Tuesday. The Illinois Department of Transportation will now be monitoring this accident-prone intersection closely to avoid more accidents from happening.

Back in 2011, IDOT conducted a construction project to try to make this high accident location safer. They say when accidents happen at this intersection they are usually critical since the vehicles are going at a high speed. Many cars were ignoring the stop sign and driving straight into oncoming cars.

IDOT added left turn lanes with a vertical and horizontal realignment of the intersection, along with corner islands, and flashing lights on the stop signs to try to prevent these types of accidents. They also cut down trees around the intersection so cars approaching the stop sign can see it clearly. Since IDOT has made these improvements, this intersection has been off the radar as a high accident location. Although, just one fatality will bring it back to their attention.

IDOT project engineer Masood Ahmad says, "We will continue to monitor this corridor and if we see more issues, we will evaluate it and try to get some funding to get some kind of work done, depending on the funds we have available."

IDOT says each intersection is evaluated very closely. They believe they’ve done everything they can to make this specific intersection safer, except for adding signals because those are not warranted at this time.

In order to make more safety improvements, IDOT evaluates the number of fatalities and the cost of each project.

IDOT urges everyone throughout the community to drive with caution.