Humberto Becomes Eighth Named System of 2019 Hurricane Season

Tropical Depression Nine now has a name! At 10:00 PM CDT Friday, the National Hurricane Center elevated the storm to Tropical Storm Humberto, by virtue of its 40mph sustained winds.

There's good news and there's bad news regarding Humberto. The bad news is that the storm is currently located just 130 miles away from Great Abaco Island in the Northwestern Bahamas, and will likely bring tropical storm force winds and very heavy rainfall to portions of the Northwestern Bahamas on Saturday. Thankfully, as a minimal tropical storm, it is not likely to produce a significant storm surge.

From there, Humberto is forecast to ride parallel to the east coast of Florida, but likely to stay considerably offshore. Though a United States landfall is extremely unlikely, there will still be some impacts in coastal areas from Florida up to South Carolina. Heavy rainfall and scattered flash flooding will be possible over much of that area.

Humberto is then expected to take a sharp eastward turn late Sunday or early Monday, and could very well achieve hurricane status next week. While too early to tell at this time, Humberto may pose a threat to Bermuda in the middle to late portions of next week.