How to avoid getting a parking ticket when it snows

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Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 7:12 PM CST
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City leaders all over the region say they are concerned people do not know the rules of parking in the snow.

"Through the duration of the declaration, the odd/even parking ordinance is in affect," said Kyle Saunders, City of Rockford Public Works Director.

Officials say you should check your calendar. If the date falls on an even number, you park on the even side of the street. Then at 8 am you switch over to the odd side.

"If we lift that snow emergency the rules go back to normal. You can park on any side of the street," said Saunders.

Those are the parking rules for The City of Rockford, but each city is different.

"Residents that have moved to Loves Park from Rockford will ask what our odd and even policy is." said Tony Ingarra, a Love's Park police officer. "We do not have one. If you car is parked in the roadway and there is 2 or more inches of snow on the ground you are in violation of our snow ordinance."

In Love's Park, you must move your car by 7 am if snow accumulates overnight. You can park in the roadway again when the snow has stopped, the plows are off the road, and the streets are clear.

"If the residence help us by getting their vehicles off the roadway then it will make it easier for the plows to get through, salt the road, and make sure everybody gets to where they are going safely," said Ingarra.

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