Homeowners living along the Rock River experience flooding

MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WIFR) - Village leaders and residents in Machesney Park have prepared for some unusual circumstances with the winter weather.

Homes along the Rock River are experiencing flooding after Tuesday's mix of sleet and freezing rain.

Kathleen Miller has lived along the Rock River for more than 20 years. She says the "The river life is great, in the summertime," but in 2008 her home was destroyed by a flood.

"There was 11 inches of water in it and my sons helped me rebuild," Miller said.

Miller's house is now elevated so flooding can't get in; she's not the only one doing this.

"We just started the construction on the house in October of 2018," said Dawn Foss who lives along the river.

Foss’s family has elevated the back part of their house and says it's a big relief.

"I know that my father is less stressed about the water actually ruining the house," Foss said.

But there are ways to protect your house without doing construction.

"Keep an eye on your crawl spaces, make sure any pumps you have are working and operable those types of things are always helpful," said Tim Savage, Machesney Park village administrator.

Luckily this time Machesney Park wasn't hit too hard.

"The flooding is very limited. It's up in the yards as you'll see down the street. We have a little bit in the park behind us but other than that it's pretty minor," Savage said.

The village will continue to notify its residents of rising river levels, as another wintery mess is expected.

"It’s predicted to go to 10 foot 5 inches. It's currently at 10 foot 2 inches so a few more inches are expected," Savage said.

The Village of Machesney Park will be posting weather updates on its Facebook page.