High school students speak out after coach is fired

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- Unfair: that's what many of Jefferson high school's football players are calling the firing of their coach, Ken Dubose.

Just 5 days before football practices begin, J-Hawk football players learned that they will have a new coach for the upcoming season.

Now athletes are speaking out, saying Dubose was a good coach, helping students gain scholarships and make plans for life beyond high school.

Students said in tonight's school board meeting that they believe this decision was not made with the athletes in mind.

Dubose told our station he was told by the school board that they were unhappy with several of his social media posts, as well as the fact that he was giving rides to students.

"It wasn't about the money; it was about the love of the game. Dubose came out here. He showed them kids new, different directions that they can go. I think district 205's got a lot of explaining to do, whether they're at liberty to speak at it or not," says football coach father, Terrell Maten.

"Whenever an employee feels that they've been mistreated, if they want to have a discussion about that, we're willing to have that discussion as long as we have a release. Well, i voted for the decision, and I wouldn't have voted for it if I hadn't thought it was justified," says Rockford School Board Member, Tim Rollins.

Dubose says some of these issues that Jefferson Athletic Director Michael Armato has with him are related to issues before Dubose was hired.

Meanwhile the school board has already appointed a new head football coach, Tony Ambrogio.