Health organizations receive grant for trauma training

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Whether it's a school shooting, natural disaster or a severe car accident, the Illinois Center of Excellence wants more people to be able to respond to traumatic events.

The Center of Excellence worked with 22 people from Rosecrance, the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health to prepare them to respond to traumatic situations.

Executive Director for the Center of Excellence Michelle Rock says the "Train the Trainer" grant will help workers spot certain behaviors and risk factors and also give them tools to help people cope after a traumatic event.

"We need to now be able to look at the behaviors that we're seeing from people. We see aggressive behaviors, defensive behaviors, acting out behaviors and the same is with substance abuse and mental health. We want to be able to work with people better and understand the behaviors that we're seeing so we can help them work through that trauma," said Rock

Wednesday the new trainers will have a chance to put Tuesday's lessons into action before training their coworkers on ways to respond to traumatic experiences.