Harlem High School welding students donate grill to VFW

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Harlem High School delivered a custom-made grill to members of the VFW on 7th Street Saturday.

The grill was made by the welding students at the high school. Students say these would be pretty expensive if someone were to buy it on their own.

The grill features an American flag and a trailer. It took about three months to put together. Students also took care of the cost of the project all on their own.

"This is my second grill I've done before, so I definitely like doing this type of thing for people, so I hope that [our teacher] continues doing this for students because it will help the VFW and veterans have a great time while they're home," said Harlem High School senior John Hawkins.

Students raised the money through a fundraiser they held last year by selling flowers.