Haney's petition for special counsel granted

ROCKFORD, ill (WIFR) --- For the second time, Winnebago county chairperson Frank Haney filed a petition to receive special counsel against the Winnebago county board's changes to the role of chairperson.

"Our motion was dismiss the petition was denied, she went forward then and granted the petition for the appointment of a special prosecutor," says State's Attorney's office chief of civil bureau, Dave Kurlinkus.

Haney believes voters elected him with certain powers and authorities that were then changed by the county board limiting his participation power on the board floor.

Board members say they should be able to do so since the chairperson's position was created by a county ordinance that can be amended at any time. The State's Attorney's office adds that no law or ordinance was violated.

"We either believe that when the community votes, they vote for a particular person to do a particular job or you don't believe that and I believe that very deeply. I think a lot of people in this community don't want their vote disrespected, disregarded or sidelined," says Haney.