Handbell concert to benefit Care for Pets

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- A Furry Family Christmas concert took place today at SecondFirst Church to raise funds for our furry friends.

The benefiting organization, Care for Pets, is a local organization largely serving the Winnebago County.

Care for Pets's mission is to provide community support to help improve the health, safety and retention of pets. They do this by holding pet fairs to provide vaccines, reuniting lost pets among a number of other services.

All the services that Care for Pets provides is regardless of income.

"We don't have strict guidelines with the clients that we serve, because some people maybe have a higher income but also have higher burden of debt or maybe live paycheck to paycheck or have a car they need to fix," says Stephanie Hicks, executive director at Care for Pets.

The concert featured ringers both big and small with children taking part in the performance. The concert was completely free but people were able to make donations.