Gusty Winds, Sprinkles, Snow Flurries Highlight Much Colder Thursday

Wild things can happen in the Stateline this time of year when it comes to weather. Few months on the calendar can produce the extreme swings in temperatures and conditions that April often does. True to form, one of those extreme swings is now underway.

Temperatures reached into the upper 60s to mid-70s over the entire area Wednesday, marking the seventh time in April's first eight days that above normal temperatures were recorded. We'll level the playing field and then some in the days ahead, as every one of the next seven days will feature temperatures well below normal.

Gusty northwesterly winds are importing much colder air into the region Wednesday Evening. Temperatures had already fallen between 20 and 25 degrees from Wednesday Afternoon's high-water mark, and by night's end, temperatures will have fallen into the 30s, with wind chills falling even further into the 20s.

On the positive side of things, there's to be sunshine for a good part of Thursday. However, any good vibes the sun is to bring will be offset by increasingly gusty winds, which are forecast to gust between 40 and 50 miles per hour from late morning through late afternoon. It'll surely be enough to tip over any empty garbage cans, and perhaps blow them several dozen feet down the road. Winds of that magnitude are not likely to be responsible for any significant power outages, though brief, spotty issues will be possible in rural areas.

Thanks to the gusty northwesterly winds, temperatures won't get out of the 40s anywhere in the Stateline Thursday, and wind chills won't even reach 40°. On top of that, cold air moving in aloft in the atmosphere will create enough atmospheric instability to generate cloudiness in the afternoon, and likely several scattered showers. In fact, so cold will be the air aloft that many of these showers will feature a mix with wet snowflakes and a few ice pellets as well. Thankfully, no accumulation will occur, but it will still make our early week warmth seem like an extremely distant memory.

Skies will quickly clear once again Thursday Evening as high pressure slides in from the west. This will also allow winds to relax steadily Thursday Night. Sunshine and lighter breezes should make for a far more pleasant Friday, though temperatures will still be well shy of normal.