New gunshot detection technology to help Rockford Police Department

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Rockford Police Department gets a million dollars in the city's budget all to improve law enforcement in Rockford and get criminals off the streets.

One of those new additions could give us a clear picture of the violence in parts of the Forest City.

Shot Spotter is a gunshot detection tool that helps officers find the exact location where shots are fire, moments after it happens helping them respond quicker.

Rockford Police say two Shot Spotter units will be installed in areas where they have seen high rates of violence.

When a shot is fired, the spotters pick up the gunfire frequency, alerting police. Chief Dan O'Shea says the immediate report will help detectives track down the suspects but the technology is not the only answer to solving crime.

"Technology helps us, it puts us in the right direction. Video cameras, license plate readers, gun shot detection systems those are all technological advances that help us. But they're not the placebo, the one answer, snap your fingers, violent crime is solved," says Chief O'Shea.

Companies who install Shot Spotters say reports of gunfire will go up nearly 80% in those areas because there is an accurate report of when they happen. The two units will cost the city nearly $500,000.