Green Thumb: Sunscald on fruits and vegetables

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- This time of year we are especially susceptible to getting a sunburn but, did you know that our fruits and vegetables are also vulnerable, too?

Fruits and vegetables can exhibit signs of sunscald if the plant produces fruit too early before larger leaves can form to help shade it.

"The fruit is developing really fast, the plant isn't developing fast enough, and so the sun is hitting this and creating this kind of very soft, bacterial kind of skin to it. So you want to remove this. You want to take this off. It's not going to serve you any purpose, and in fact it can lead to disease problems or insect problems. By removing this hopefully it gets your plant back to being in better condition. The plant will develop better leaves and the rest of the fruit will develop too on it", says Grant McCarty, an Extension Educator.

By removing the entire sunscalded fruit or vegetable from the plant, you'll likely keep any sort of disease or bacteria from spreading and causing further damage.