Green Thumb: Keeping Rabbits Away

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- This week we're talking about Rabbits. They may be cute and fluffy however they can wreak havoc on your gardens. While there are many options when it comes to thwarting these furry creatures, there is one in particular that seems to work the best.

A rabbit sits and looks at the camera in a garden with a U.S. flag in the background

Grant McCarty, a Local Foods and Small Farms Educator with the University of Illinois Extension office says the best line of defense is to build a perimeter. Fencing or even smaller hay bales will do the trick.

"Maybe figure out if they are grown to one crop of another. If they are grown to everything then you may have to put up a small modified fence. You will still want to think about the height of it too, and how that could keep them out. You may also find that you have access to smaller hay bales, you might be able to put that as a perimeter."

You may be tempted to try some of the bitter sprays or “hot sauce” as it’s known, however Grant says these tend to not be as effective as a physical barrier. The success with the sprays really depends on what types of plants the rabbits are eating. In the end a makeshift fence will give you the greatest success.

A new trend that is spreading online recommends taking plastic forks and placing them around the vicinity of the plants in your gardens with the pointed sides facing upward. While I haven’t seen any concrete evidence that it works, it sure fits the budget! This gives a whole new meaning to the practice that is often performed by children as a prank!

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