Green Thumb: Growing Garlic

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) – With the end of the growing season upon us we may be ready to close up our gardens for the year, however if you are a fan of garlic you’ll actually want to start planting now.

From varieties like Georgian Crystal and German Porcelain we’ll want to select our favorite variety within the next couple of weeks.

Grant McCarty, a Local Foods and Small Farms Educator with the University of Illinois Extension advises that we plant before mid-October. We’ll need some supplies as well.

We can find these cloves at many of the garden and home improvement stores across the area. We’ll also want to make sure we have some straw on hand to help protect the plant during the harsh winter months.

What to plant: One clove = one head of garlic. We’ll want to look for the hardneck varieties.

How to plant: We’ll want to plant the cloves two times the depth of the size of the clove, leaving six to eight inches in a row. We’ll also want to pile on at least six to eight inches of mulch or straw to keep things insulated.

When to harvest: Mid-June with the garlic scape appears. We’ll want to remove green growth from the garlic and then wait an additional two to three weeks later to begin digging.

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