Green Thumb: Expanding Sustainable Farms in the Stateline

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CALEDONIA, Ill (WIFR) -- Trading the office scene for the field scene; that's what some people are doing with the help of the Stateline Farm Beginnings program through Angelic Organics Learning Center in Caledonia. In the last twelve years over 300 sustainable farmers have graduated in our region alone.

Chris Prchal owner of Trogg's Hollow CSA and Market Farm in Poplar Grove, Illinois says his family had some reservations initially about the challenge of starting a new business. "I know going into the class we weren't really sure if this was going to be feasible, practical, if we were going to be able to survive making money, and there have been rough times, you know, its always with some kind of change or with starting a business, but we are starting to see like this year in particular that this is completely feasible and we can do this and not have to die from, you know, working so hard in the field. I mean, it's labor obviously but it's nice and I don't think either one of us or our kids have been happier since we have been farming out here on the larger acreage."

Registration for the Stateline Farm Beginnings program is open until Friday, September 29th. All classes are held at Angelic Organics Learning Center in Caledonia. Payment plans and scholarships are available. Space is limited to 30 people.