Grant View Distillery produces hand sanitizer for first responders

Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 11:07 PM CDT
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Pushing their spirits to the side, for now. At a time where hand sanitizer is hard to come by, the owners of Grant View Distillery in Rockford is switching up production to give back to our first responders during this coronavirus outbreak.

“Anyway that we can help the community, and these are just unique times. Unique times and we are in a unique position to help,” said owner of Grant View Distillery Addie Ford.

It's been said rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey, but at Grant View Distillery, whiskey, vodka and rum production has come to a screeching halt.

“Hand sanitizer has never ever been in our business plan,” said Ford.

In wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the federal government gives the green light for distilleries to produce hand sanitizer.

“We felt like it was necessary for us to do something,” said Ford.

So Addie and Tim Ford are distilling their own alcohol and making it more potent, combining it with two other ingredients to create their own antiseptic.

“We’re pulling the alcohol off the still today, at the end of the day we'll put in the percentage of glycerin and hydrogen peroxide that's needed. The guidelines says we have to leave it sit for 72 hours at that point and then we will bottle it,” said owner of Grant View Distillery Tim Ford.

The Ford's hope to make up to 50 gallons of sanitizer a day, with the goal of providing a little relief during this time of uncertainty.

“We are fighting a war right now. It’s against an invisible foe that you can't see or smell but it's a war against a virus invader and so everyone needs to step up and do what they can to help the community and this is what we can do,” said Tim Ford.

Grant View Distillery has no plans to sell the product, rather they're donating it to our area's first responders.

“Fire, police and hospitals, so they will actually distribute it to where it needs to go first,” said Addie Ford.

The couple plans to continue producing hand sanitizer as long as the crisis lasts.

“This is a time where we all see how our gifts are able to be used, so it's kind of cool,” said Ford.