Grand Geneva Resort and Spa remembers Playboy roots

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LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (WIFR) – Fans continue to remember legendary Playboy founder Hugh Hefner who died at the age of 91 last night at the Playboy Mansion.

Celebrities who knew Hefner tweeted their support for the magazine founder as fans levae flowers at his home and on his star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hefner started the infamous magazine when he was 27 with Marilyn Monroe gracing the first cover. A Playboy spokesperson says Hefner died of natural causes surrounded by family.

Lake Geneva opened its own Playboy Club Resort in 1968 which stayed open until 1982. The resort has since been renamed as the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, but the hotel says they still remember when Hugh Hefner made a visit.

“In 1968, when the Playboy Resort opened, Hugh Hefner was on the property and that was the only time he ever came here. He brought his DC9 plane and landed in the airport’s runway and he was here,” says Steve Magnuson, Managing Director of the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa.

The member’s only club was $25 a year to join and had a cabaret that featured Sunny and Cher as well as Phyllis Diller. It also had a recording studio where the soundtrack for Rocky and Top Gun were made.